Here are the slides from the presentation I gave during the International Lua Workshop 2006 on September 4th in the Netherlands.

Notably missing is (non-slide) material representing the demo I gave of our Lua-driven platform, Reflexis Lite. But I will put together a separate page with screenshots and descriptions soon.

The presentation is available as a set of linked screenshots and as a single, self-contained document.

The one file version is the original presentation source and is most handy if you prefer regular text or have a browser, like Opera, that has CSS support for different media. The version with screenshots can be accessed from the slide index below.

I welcome any feedback (comments, questions, etc.). Please use the address mentioned in the introduction slide if you want to contact me.

Here is the index of slides:

  1. Developing desktop solutions with Lua
  2. Introduction
  3. Purpose of this talk
  4. Problem? What problem?
  5. Problem? What problem? (2)
  6. Reflexis Lite Features
  7. Libraries
  8. Graphical User Interface
  9. Graphical User Interface (2)
  10. Graphical User Interface (3)
  11. Multi-threading: Boxes
  12. Multi-threading: Boxes (2)
  13. Multi-threading: Boxes (3)
  14. Deployment
  15. Deployment (2)
  16. Profiler
  17. Changes
  18. Advantages
  19. Advantages (2)
  20. Advantages (3)
  21. Disadvantages
  22. Lessons learned
  23. The End?

Last but not least, many thanks to Wim Couwenberg for organizing things (and inviting/urging me to talk!) and Océ R&D for hosting the event.